The CrackJelly Story

CrackJelly was born as a family recipe in Perth,  Western Australia. When our family moved to the US to be closer to our children, we had made “Chilli Jam” for many people for parties and for family events. We gave it away to so many people, and everybody raved about it. A few years later, CrackJelly was born because it is in fact very addicting once you try it. Many people order 3 jars and go through it so fast it shocks them. That’s why we call it the “Aussie Addiction.”

The very first introduction we had to “Chili Jam” was when the owners sister brought back the recipe from her travels. It was originally a sauce, and for years the two sisters tweaked the recipe into the homemade “Chili Jam”  – so really, the credit all goes to the famous recipe from the sisters in Perth, Western Australia.

We are now located in Austin, TX, and looking forward to getting the CrackJelly name across the country!

IT’S A CROWD PLEASER, Every cheese board needs CrackJelly!

Connie S, Olive the Above (Verified Buyer)

This stuff is amazing! My family loves it on cheese and crackers, on pizza, on almost everything it seems. Even my 14 year old step-daughter is becoming an addict… Good thing it’s just incredibly tasty jelly with an alluring blend of sweet and spicy flavors!!!

Brendan R, (Verified Buyer)

I stumbled upon Olive the Above while visiting with family in Beaufort, S.C. I enjoyed their crack jelly so much I bought three jars and recently decided to order a few more jars because I couldn’t stop craving it!